Leyland Cypress

This tree is a hybrid of Monterey Cypress and Alaskan Cypress. Six seedlings were discovered in 1888 by C.J. Leyland at Leighton Hall in the South of Wales. The two parent trees were growing on the Leighton Hall Estate and cross bred purely by accident. In 1965, they found their way to Clemson University in South Carolina where their use as Christmas trees became apparent.

The foliage of the Leyland Cypress tends to be arranged in irregularly flat planes with a dark green to light green color. The shoots branch repeatedly and have a contrasting mahogany color except at the tips. In the United States, the Leyland Cypress has become a valued landscape plant and one of the most sought after Christmas trees.

Monterey Pine

A pleasant green, long needled, very fragrant tree native to California. Seeds are planted in containers and grown in nurseries for six to seven months. When the plant becomes eighteen inches tall, it is planted in rows of five feet apart in the growing field where you select your tree. The top of the plant is cut monthly so new branches will grow evenly. Pruning once a month, irrigation, and pest control are done regularly to make your tree grow strong and beautiful. By the time it’s four years old, your Monterey Pine tree is ready to go home with you and your family for Christmas.

Douglas Fir

Mild fragrance with a soft, nicely-colored, dark green needle. Medium branch strength, with a good rating for needle retention. Douglas Fir is a popular choice because of its dense foliage and conical shape.

Fraser Fir

A popular East coast tree, Fraser’s have a uniform pyramid shape with medium density and good branching structure. This tree has a short needle with rich medium green color and a strong fragrance.

Grand Fir

Sweetly scented, this tree is best known for its robust fragrance. Beautiful, shiny, dark green needles with a hint of silver coloring on the underside with a good branch structure.

Noble Fir

Our most popular tree and often referred to as the Cadillac of Christmas trees. This species has a rich dark green color, often with a blue-green hue and a silvery appearance at times. Nobles have a very pleasant but not over bearing aroma that will fill the room. This tree has short, strong branches ideal for hanging ornaments and holds up well in all climates.

Nordmann Fir

A hearty, high-end, quality tree that is rich and lush with dark green shiny needles on top and a lighter cast underneath. Like the Noble Fir, this tree has very strong and layered branches that make it easy to display heavier ornaments. A relatively new comer to the Northwest, this tree is a popular European Christmas tree. With a very subtle fragrance, this tree may be a good choice for those with allergies or those sensitive to the strong aroma of other varieties.

Complimentary Services:

Fresh cut on trees
Hand-clean needles
Assistance with selecting trees and pumpkins
Trees netted
Loading and tying tree to car
Bathroom facilities

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